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Recent Awards

Greene County Planning Board Honors Hudsonia, Greene Land Trust, & Cornell Cooperative Extension December 2019

The Greene Land Trust, Cornell Coop Ext, and Hudsonia were presented with the Ellen Rettus Planning Achievement Award for Environmental Preservation, Recreation and Open Space for their work in creating the Greene County Natural Resource Inventory.

From the Greene County Government page ” Ellen Rettus was a long term County Planning Board member who served for several years as Chairperson of the Greene County Planning Board and Chairperson of the Town of Durham Planning Board. As Chairperson of these boards, Ellen worked to promote sound and thoughtful planning throughout Greene County. The awards recognize outstanding planning, community and economic development activities that have taken place in Greene and the individuals and organizations that contribute to their realization. The awards also recognize individuals who have distinguished themselves through their service to Greene County and its communities.”

Hudson River Environmental Society Honors Gretchen Stevens Nov 2019

Gretchen was honored by the Hudson River Environmental Society with the Outstanding Educator Award. Over the years, Gretchen has worked with numerous municipal agencies and land trusts throughout the Hudson Valley region. She has helped to lead workshops, seminars, and field trips to share her knowledge of this regions many natural resources.

New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program Honor Hudsonia – 2017

In recognition of decades of ecological research and conservation education, Hudsonia received a Conservation Achievement Award for the Hudson River and Harbor Estuary at the 30th anniversary celebration of the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program, a collaborative effort of the NYSDEC, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Hudson River Foundation, and other entities to improve the health of the estuary and the harbor.

Hudson River Environmental Society Honors Bob Schmidt – Oct 2017

Hudsonia co-founder and intrepid fish biologist and aquatic ecologist, Bob was recognized by the Hudson River Environmental Society with their Outstanding Environmental Researcher Award in October 2017. In his long career Bob has studied the ecology and natural history of rural and urban stream systems of the Hudson River, the Mohawk River, and waterways of New England and the Neotropics, and has mentored numerous students in the field of natural science.

Dutchess County Ducks Unlimited Honors Gretchen Stevens – September 2017

With twenty-seven years at Hudsonia, Gretchen was honored by Dutchess County Ducks Unlimited with their Chapter’s Wetlands Conservation Award. Gretchen has directed Hudsonia’s Biodiversity Resources Center since its inception, and is co-author of the Biodiversity Assessment Manual for the Hudson River Estuary Corridor. In addition to conducting numerous field studies throughout the Hudson Valley, she has instructed hundreds of members of Hudson Valley municipal agencies, the staff of land trusts, and others engaged in comprehensive planning, land assessments, environmental reviews, and regulatory decisions in techniques for identifying and protecting biological and water resources. The award especially noted her work in the watershed of the Great Swamp, one of the largest freshwater wetlands in New York State.

Bard College Honors Erik Kiviat – May 2016

Hudsonia’s executive director Erik Kiviat received the John and Samuel Bard Award in Medicine and Science from the Board of Trustees of Bard College and the Board of Governors of the Bard-St. Stephen’s Alumni/ae Association. The award is named for the two 18th-century physicians, father and son, whose descendant, John Bard, founded the college, and it honors “scientists whose achievements demonstrate the breadth of concern and depth of commitment that characterized these pioneer physicians.”

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