Habitat Fact Sheets

The following fact sheets summarize the characteristics of some of the habitats that Hudsonia has identified as part of its habitat mapping program.  Along with general descriptions of the habitats, they list some typical species and species of conservation concern associated with each habitat.  They also briefly describe common threats and conservation recommendations for each habitat type.  More detailed information on these habitats and many others can be found in the Biodiversity Assessment Manual for the Hudson River Estuary Corridor (Kiviat & Stevens 2001) and the Hudsonia reports that accompany Hudsonia habitat maps.

In addition, we have included a general fact sheet with information on how habitat values can be promoted in backyards.

Circumneutral bog lake Stream Upland Forest  
Intermittent Woodland Pool Cool ravine Meadow  
Swamp Marble knoll Red cedar woodland  
Fen Crest, ledge, and talus Backyards for Biodiversity  

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