Habitat Maps and Reports

Hudsonia’s habitat maps and reports provide biodiversity information that is not available from other sources.  Below is a list of the maps and reports that are available.  We can provide hard copies, electronic copies on CD, or instructions for downloading of electronic copies from our website. Some of the following habitat maps may also be available as zoomed-in sections or quads. Please contact us for further information.

If you are interested in receiving any hard copies of these materials, please contact us at our office.  Material production, shipping, and handling fees will apply to hard-copy orders and CDs.  These contributions are critically important to the continuation of Hudsonia’s habitat mapping program.  If you or your organization are unable to cover the fees for these materials, we may be able to provide the information at reduced cost.

Though our electronic copies are provided free-of-charge, we suggest the following donation levels per report:

For-profit agencies: $25

Municipal agencies, NGOs, & Individuals: $15




Habitat maps and reports available from Hudsonia

  • Town of Amenia: Amenia report, Amenia map, and 3 section maps (northeast, northwest, south)
  • Town of Beekman: Beekman report, Beekman map, and 3 section maps (northeast, northwest, south)
  • Town of Clinton: Clinton report, Clinton map, and 3 section maps (north, southwest, southeast)
  • Town of Dover: Dover report, Dover map, and 3 section maps (northeast, northwest, south)
  • Fishkill and Sprout Creek corridors: Fishkill and Sprout Creek corridors report, Fishkill Creek in Beekman map, Fishkill Creek in Fishkill and Beacon map, and Sprout Creek in LaGrange map
  • Town of East Fishkill: East Fishkill report
  • Hyde Park (northern section): Hyde Park report, Hyde Park map
  • Marbletown (Catskill foothills and Rondout corridor):  Marbletown report and Marbletown map
  • Town of North East: North East report, North East map, and 3 section maps (north, southeast, southwest)
  • Town of Pine Plains: Pine Plains report, Pine Plains map, and 2 section maps (west, east)
  • Town of Pound Ridge: Pound Ridge report, Pound Ridge map
  • City of Poughkeepsie: Poughkeepsie report
  • Town of Poughkeepsie: Poughkeepsie report, Poughkeepsie map, and 3 section maps (north, center, south)
  • Town of Rhinebeck: Rhinebeck report, Rhinebeck map, and 4 section maps (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest)
  • Town of Stanford: Stanford report, Stanford map, and 4 section maps (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest)
  • Town of Washington: Washington report with Washington report addendum (conservation recommendations), Washington map, and 4 section maps (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest)
  • Town of Woodstock: Woodstock report, Woodstock map, and 4 section maps (northeast, northwest, southwest, southeast)
  • Trout Brook Watershed (Orange County): Trout Brook report, Trout Brook map
  • Blanding’s Turtle Habitats in Southern Dutchess County: Blandings Turtle report, 6 Blandings Turtle habitat maps (Beekman, Fishkill, LaGrange, Poughkeepsie, Unionvale, Wappinger)

Hudsonia, a tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation of the State of New York, classified 501(c)(3) by the Internal Revenue Service, relies on the generous, tax-deductible contributions from members of our community to sustain our research and education. We appreciate your support of our work.