Habitat Ecology and Biogeochemistry

There is much consideration of managing biological diversity and its component rare species and communities on an ecosystem basis, but little research on ecosystem-level properties of endangered species habitats. In 1994, under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency grant, Hudsonia and the Institute of Ecosystem Studies studied biogeochemistry, amphibians, and flora in four types of wetlands (intermittent woodland pools, red maple swamps, fens, and clay meadows) (Kiviat et al. 1994, Groffman et al. 1996). The work continued with an EPA-funded study of vegetation, soil nitrogen, and human impacts in 25 fens (van Hoewyk et al. 2000; Kiviat et al., submitted ). Habitat structure and function, including vegetation and biogeochemistry, are being monitored at our Blanding’s turtle habitat restoration site (Kiviat et al. 2000).


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